Break away from the mold…


Images are the words of today. And telling your story is unique. You can’t tell it through stock images. Telling your story is so much more powerful through imagery that speaks your message to your audience.

You get 3 months worth of images…

Can you imagine…only having to plan for your images 2-4 times a year! This frees you up to be creatively spontaneous on purpose! Not to mention being fully present with family and friends instead of being worried about the photo for your next post.


Give yourself a “Work-cation!”

That’s right…you can take back some of your work time by planning out your branded social media and advertising content ahead of time! You don’t have to think about creating new images every day…

I know…it doesn’t look like she’s working, but really…she is!

I know…it doesn’t look like she’s working, but really…she is!

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you.”
— Tom Peters

Branded images get more engagement…

People connect with people, not corporations. When you put your personality, your face, your life out there, your audience will get to know you and feel more connected! This creates more commonality with your audience and will create more organic engagement with the clients you LOVE! When you have clients you love and that love you, you do your best work, they tell all their friends, and BOOM! Just like that you’re a success! Ok…there isn’t a magic wand…but being uniquely you and telling your stories will get more of your ideal clients more engaged with you.


Other Potential Benefits:

  • Your friends and family will like you more

  • You’ll be more fit than everyone you know (hopefully they’ll still like you!)

  • You’ll finally be able to explore that new business opportunity

  • That special vacation to Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, etc is just around the corner

  • When Space X finally opens up commercial travel to space, you can go! (Bring me along to help you share the experience with your audience!)

  • It all comes down to time…you can have more of it. And your images will be right in line with the stories you want to tell!


“But I Feel Awkward In Front of a Camera…”

This is not a problem…I’m an expert in both capturing natural photos of you doing what comes naturally, and in posing you so you look most natural!

Sometimes it helps just to have a little fun! This image happened just before the one under “Work-cation!”

Sometimes it helps just to have a little fun! This image happened just before the one under “Work-cation!”


Sound Amazing???

Check out some of my work…you’ll get an idea of what to expect when working with me…

Shannon Fall2018-76.jpg

This is exactly how it works…

  1. Send me a message or give me a call and we’ll set up a time to meet!

  2. We’ll meet either via video chat, phone, or in person and see if we are fit…

  3. when you’re ready to move forward, we will sign the paperwork and plan your photo session!

Planning for your session is absolutely necessary! I use this to understand you, your brand, and what kinds of images we need to get during our photo session to help you clearly communicate your brand.

We will meet at the location we agree on for the photo shoot…the duration of the shoot will depend on your needs, outfit changes, number of locations, etc. (Some last as little as 30 mins or can be a full day…again depending on what your needs may be!) I will work off of the shot list we would have put together during our planning session to be sure we get the images you need for your business.

I will process your images…this typically takes about a week. However, I do like to get you a handful of images to use quickly!

You use the images from the shoot to wow your clients, future clients, and friends!

Personal Branding Sessions start at $2000. Subscriptions are available!


Who is Roger??


I love helping people…in all kinds of ways. I love helping people share their vision, product, or service with the world.

I believe Personal Brand Photography is the future for businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers! Just look at all the companies that have been using it for years! (The Verizon guy, the Key Bank guy, Nike sponsored athletes, and all those bloggers that have such a large following!) People connect with people, not companies.

Since people want to know, like, and trust the person they are buying from, you can become known by your customers by developing your Personal Brand! You can let them into your world…see a piece of who you are and what makes you tick!

I help people like you do just that! I help entrepreneurs and influencers get the images they need to develop and/or consistently put images out there that show their story to their customers. We all have a story…and your story can help you connect to others and help them feel connected to you!

Sure, you can continue to use your phone to capture images, but what if you could have more time to spend with your family, on your business, or on vacation? What if your images could be more consistent and give you that look you’re going for?

You can be the hero of your story. Images that are specifically tailored to fit your style and speak to your clients will help you get there!


Why Personal Branding Photography…what others have to say

I got so much engagement from my photos when I posted them in Facebook!
— Linda
“Visual content is a cornerstone of almost every branding campaign. And yet, we still see respectable brands using stock photographs that undermine the credibility of their hard- earned visual-branding standards.”
— Buddy Scalera
“There’s a good chance that if you’re not controlling your personal brand, someone else is.”
— Erica Nicole
“Brand the real you. Be brutally, authentically, honestly you and you will win with the people that matter.”
— Tom Ferry
“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.”
— Amy Jo Martin