The Beginning...

I began learning photography in 1994 while in high school. It was a GREAT class. I was so excited to go out and complete my assignments. My aunt had given me a Ricoh SLR camera...I was so excited to get out and shoot anything and everything! I spent my weekends looking for cool stuff to photograph. Then it was back to class to develop the film and make prints! What a process that was! I ruined the first 8 or 10 rolls of film because I couldn't roll it onto the developing reel correctly...then I started getting the hang of it and I had a few photos that I actually liked. All of the film I developed was black and it was easier to develop (and less expensive).

Then tragedy struck...I was on a family vacation and I dropped my camera. At first I thought it was going to be ok. Then I tried to take some photos and I noticed they were blurry. I was sure I focused correctly (everything was manual on that camera). So I tried again with another roll of film...this time taking extra care to be sure my focus was solid. Still blurry. So I took a closer look at my camera and noticed the ring that mounts the lens to the camera body was pulling away from the body...that can't be good. Turns out, it wasn't really worth fixing it cause the camera wasn't even worth what it would have cost to repair. My photography came to a halt.

Almost 16 years later, I was married and we had our first child. I wanted to get a nice camera so we could have nice photos of our newborn son (like most parents). So, we were off to Costco where we picked up a Nikon D5000. What a sweet camera! I was excited...I was getting "great" shots of our boy and I was happy! Until I wasn't...I wanted my photos to be better! I started learning via YouTube, podcasts, and even paid for online training. My pursuit of a better photograph was insatiable! This process of learning continues even today! Then it happened. Someone asked if I would take their family photos...then another, then another. Finally, just when I felt like I was ready, I was asked to shoot a wedding...and then another.

Stay tuned...cause the adventure is just beginning!