What to Expect for Families & High School Seniors!

It all starts when…

You make a phone call or send an email...we will set up a consultation. We'll sit down and talk about you...what makes you tick, who you are. Your senior session is designed to capture you! During this consultation, you'll also see some of the gorgeous artwork I've created for others so you will have an idea of what is possible for you, too!

When you are ready to book your senior session, we will find a date that works. To reserve your session, you simply pay the session fee ($150).

On the day of the shoot, we'll meet at the location we've chosen ahead of time. You will have already done your hair, makeup, ironed your clothes, and generally prepared yourself to look your best! The photo shoot will last about 90 minutes...getting the photos of you that really tell your story. You may want to bring a letterman jacket, musical instrument, sports equipment, or something else that represents what you are passionate about. We will incorporate that into your shoot!

Two to Three weeks after the shoot, your images will be ready! We will schedule a meeting (along with whomever will make a purchasing decision) and I'll reveal your photos! During this reveal session, you'll have the opportunity to order your albums, canvasses, metal wall art, etc! Prices of prints start about $100...the average customer spends approximately $1000 on these beautiful art items that will last you a lifetime!

Contact me to get started!